Almond Saffron Fudge, a Delicious Dessert Recipe

When it comes to nuts you can not neglect almonds. Almonds are excellent source of carbohydrates inclusive of dietary fibers, sugars and starch. It is also taken into consideration wealthy in monounsaturated fat, which enables to lower LDL cholesterol levels. You can consume a handful of blended nuts every day.

You can find almond timber more often than not in the Middle East and South Asian countries. An almond rests inside a fleshy protecting, like a peach or plum. This fleshy component tastes truly true whilst you permit it to ripen. Many human beings don’t know approximately this.

Almond is one of the indispensable elements of many desserts and fudge recipes. I use almonds in all of my desserts and fudge recipes. It gives wealthy creamy texture and flavor to the recipe. You can use almonds in style of recipes.You can blend almond powder in any gravy and it gives thick creamy of entirety to the gravy. You can put together almond shake or use almond flakes on vanilla ice-cream as a topping.

Almond fudge is a dessert which has a delicate sweetness and goodness of the almond. In order to make this scrumptious treat, cook almonds on medium warmth and add other substances as defined underneath.

I attempted making this fudge with condensed milk and it turned out as correct as conventional recipe. The saffron gives it a regal taste and blends so properly with the nutty fudge. Try this Kashmiri Kesar  for a potluck, festival or a celebration and your guests will love this subtle sweet dish.

Finally, who would not love dessert? It is delicious and ought to have condiment after a pleasing candle mild dinner. This is one of the exceptional dessert recipes, I have come across. Here is how you put together it.


Almonds–2 cups
Butter –2 Tablespoons
Condensed Milk–half of cup
Cardamom powder–1 teaspoon
Whipping cream–1 cup
Saffron–half of teaspoon

Soak almonds in water overnight. Peel the pores and skin of almonds and mix them in mixer with the whipping cream to shape a clean exceptional paste. Heat 1 Teaspoon butter in pan over low warmness. Add the almond paste and hold stirring the combination. Add the sugar, cardamom powder and stir it for 20 mins. Mix inside the condensed milk and the closing butter and stir it for another five-10 mins. Transfer the mixture to a greased plate and press lightly. Cool it and sprinkle saffron on top. Cut into pieces and serve. Please make sure to go away a comments.