What is the purpose of getting a loan?

An individual or a group of individuals gives the borrower a sum of money in exchange for repayment of the borrowed money at some fixed interest rate on the principal. Mortgage collateral is also used as collateral for loans that have a time limit. These are granted by banks, governments, corporations, private sources, etc.

There are different types of loans available, based on cost factors, and contract conditions such as secured loans vs unsecured loans and revolving loans vs term loans. There are many institutes good at money lending in Tanjong Pagar.

Purposes to get a loan

People from different sectors of the country to seek a loan to fulfil various purposes. A borrower may take out a loan to invest in growth, finance their children’s education, etc. Let us understand these reasons for getting a loan in detail.

To repay or pay off debts and bills

This is a prevalent reason for middle-class people to get a loan. As personal loans charge a low-interest rate, they are preferred for paying back debts. It helps to pay off all your debt in one payment and saves your money from a lot of interest.

Emergency expenses

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that cause us to suddenly incur a large expenditure, leading to an imbalance in our entire financial plan. Pandemics, sudden job loss, medical emergencies, deaths, and helping a friend or relative are just a few examples of these situations.

Personal loans can help you to balance your budget at a low-interest rate during these tough economic times. It is advised to permanently save a backup for such emergencies.

Necessary home repairs

Many times, this happens when repairs and updates are urgently needed in the house such as gas leaks, sewage blockages, broken pipelines, issues with the air conditioning system, etc.

Migration costs

When you need to relocate to another location for job or personal reasons you need a sum of money for the cost of living in a newly moved area. This includes a newly built house, food, groceries, gas and water supply, etc.

Big Investments

There are times when you need to invest in your startup or your families, such as a new car, house, or appliance. In the end, it is imperative to recognize that the purchase you are making is a necessity. For example, you should not take out a loan to purchase a home theatre.


There are many instances in which loans are given to help individuals in need or groups of individuals. The variety of types and purposes that are associated with loans demonstrate the fact that they can be beneficial to every sector of society. However, it is important to apply for a loan after careful consideration of the amount you need to repay.